iPad PictaHunt - New Turn-Based Word Game [FREE]

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    We're super pleased to introduce PictaHunt, thanks for everyone's help in getting this launched here on TA!

    Play PictaHunt with your friends -- guess the words behind the pictures! Like a combination of Instagram and Draw Something, a social turn-based guessing game using pictures.



    ★ Play with friends on Facebook
    ★ Turn-based game play, choose picture and start a game, guess at your own pace
    ★ Invite friends on Facebook, by email or play against a matched random opponent
    ★ Buy fun words with coins, with new words added daily -- send us suggestions!
    ★ Give “Clues” to help friends guess using stamps and pens
    ★ Give up? “Fail” your friends and share the fun on Facebook and email
    ★ Leaderboard for the most points, share your pictures on Facebook and by email

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