Android Pickus (by Hamster Studio)

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    Pickus is an innovative game designed by a father, who had been inspired by his daughter while playing the classic board game "Nim". His daughter loves it; all friends love it; people of all ages love it!

    You may consider Pickus as a puzzle-solving game, a time-killing casual game or an educational game for kids. All is up to you. Let's have some fun!

    The game rule is very simple: Two players take turns picking figures, and the one who picks the last figure wins.

    Then we feature innovative game rule variations: What if the player who picks the last figure LOSES? And what if the pick-to-win figures and pick-to-lose figures sit together on the board? That will become very interesting! We present a total of 9 funny game rule variations.

    Pickus has 3 game modes to choose from: puzzle challenge, casual play with AI, or casual play with your friend or kid.

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