Universal Phobos Children (by Mirai-Labo)

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    Sep 23, 2015
    Awwweee yis
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    Just a reminder, the "Tokyo Assassins" event has just started! This is the only chance to get this Rank A character, so don't miss it :)

    We also updated the app fixing some bugs:

    – Corrected Goro and Christina profile images.
    – Corrected an image on the event story.
    – Added a “Cost Over” and “Deck Size Over” alert under the Start button, before entering to a mission. Corrected a bug on the interface.
    – Now is possible to play Score Attack without getting a Cost Alert or Deck Size Alert.
    – Normal Gacha bug corrected.
    – Some character balancing.
    – Other text and UI corrections.
  3. danialias

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    New trailer!


    And this is a S++ play for the Score Attack 5:

  4. danialias

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    Hi again! Long time without posting updates, but here we go: new version 1.04 is now on review on Apple, and it comes with a new event, “Trial of the Gods”:


    This update (available very soon!) will include:

    - Six new characters: Odiseo, Seth, Sobek, Argos, Apophis and Osiris.
    - A brand new story with eight missions, and two new Rank A characters you can get with Event Points.

    Also, there is a new section inside Story: “Extra Missions”. A kind of “gaiden”, where you can play missions from past events in case you missed it.

    Other updates:
    - On Data Center, now you can get prizes for collecting sets of event characters and main characters.
    - Also on Data Center, you can access to the Extra Missions story.

    - Finally solved (we hope so) a very rare bug with the Energy refill.
    - Corrected information on some skills descriptions.
    - Other small corrections.

    Looking forward to getting your feedback!
  5. Tychaeus

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    Sep 23, 2015
    Sweet!!!!! New content!!! You guys rock, keep on keepin' on #
  6. danialias

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    Thank you Tychaeus! :)

    I think we finally solved the stamina problem! (We are confident this time, let's cross fingers!) As a compensation for the inconveniences, I sent you a small gift, hope it’s enough :(

    About the event, it just started today! This time there're two Rank A characters to get (plus the regular Rank B one), the Egypt gods Seth and Sobek.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    More info about the event -> here <-

    We just finished the next event we had scheduled, Pixel World, so now we're ready to prepare the next big update (v1.1). That update will include the Episode 2 with lots of stages, a new type of orb and other play variations, plus new skills and other extras. It’s coming around December :D
  7. danialias

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    Hi again! New version available (v1.05), including a new event called “Pixel World”!


    It's a small update, just for the new event. We are still working on the big one for the end of this year!

    Update report:

    - Four new (pixelated) characters: Little Red, Monsterhythm, Viking and Dark Knight.
    - A brand new story with eight missions.

    Other updates:
    - Renewed Maya illustration.
    - "Trial of the Gods" available on Extra Missions.

    - Animation correction on the story screen.
    - Other small corrections and updates.

    “Pixel World” warming up will start on October 30th, but before that there’ll be a weekly mini-event. Hope you like it!
  8. danialias

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    Update 1.06 coming very soon!

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