Magi Fire Timber Academy

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Play the role of an orange robed fire wizard from the Timber Academy with goes by the name of Magic Fireman. The purple…
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Play the role of an orange robed fire wizard from the Timber Academy with goes by the name of Magic Fireman. The purple robed lightning mage is the second you can unlock. Learn to play with skill and intelligence. As you unlock eight new wizards that each wear different color robes from the Timber Academy, you can use a distinct spell to chop down the tree. As a mage, there are different types of spells and elements. The main magi elements in the game are fire, lightning bolt (thunder), forest, ice, light and dark. Spark up the night or day under the burning azul sun with your powerful hex! Staff comes equipped. Become a Magi master within the Timber Academy of lumberjack today and crush the competition in two different Leaderboards in the Game Center by learning to play with intelligence. → Things to Note about the Lite Version vs. Pro version ← ▸ The Lite version of this app is this one. The pro version is Magi Fire Timber Academy Pro Edition ▸ To unlock the last mage (Golden Icy Mage) in this Lite version, it is double the amount of "Total Chops" than it is in the Pro Version. In both, Golden Icy Mage can only be unlocked by achieving a certain Total Chops score. ▸ In this Lite Version, you need to unlock Icy Mage to be able to play as him. Also has ads in this version. ▸ In the pro version, Icy mage is already unlocked by default from the start also and the pro version features no ads. ▸ In the pro version, unlocking characters is easier as it requires sometimes less total chops or less best total score. ▸ Lite version leaderboards are separate from the Pro Version. √ How to Play: ◆ Each magi has only one spell and staff and you can only use one wizard at a time. ◆ Avoid the tree limbs. Play intelligently and learn when to tap the left or right of the tree while avoiding its limbs. ◆ Use your magi staff and hex to chop down the tree by tapping on one side (left or right) of the tree. ◆ Work your way up by getting more total chops or achieving a certain best score to unlock eight new wizards from the Academy. ◆ Chop the tree as fast as you can with your magic spell as the timer bar at the top begins to decrease in each theme after you increase levels. ◆ Each "Level" increase under the total score at the top means that the timer bar will begin to decrease faster. √ Features: ◆ 9 Mages. √ 8 Spells/Mages to unlock: ◆ Lightning ◆ Starry magi. ◆ Forest ◆ Icy ◆ Dark ◆ Light ◆ Red Icy Mage ◆ Gold Icy Mage √ 6 Timber. √ 6 Themes: ▸ Cosmic Green ▸ Sparkly Christmas Night ▸ Fire Blue (Azul) ▸ Burning Orange ▸ Golden Stars ▸ Snowy Ice Winter Show your Timber Academy fire, lightning bolt, starry or ice spells to your friends. If you like this game, rate us.
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Updated:Nov 22, 2014
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