iPad Petri: Be A Part Of The Art (and Teaser Footage)

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Petri will be getting a big update in the not-to-distant future, hopefully in April. It will be quite a significant update, touching virtually every part of the game. The core gameplay will remain the same, but with extra features, new graphics, a new sound engine, new music, and maybe some surprises.

    As I prepare the update, I want to let the Touch Arcade community in on the fun. In the new update, the colors will be transparent in some levels, drawn over a background image. Although I probably have enough photos in my own archive to suit my needs, I thought it might be fun to open things up to the forum members here.

    So here's the deal: are there any budding photographers or digital artists out there who would like to see their creations distributed in an iPhone game? Or maybe people with a vacation photo that turned out just right?


    • you are the copyright owner of the photograph or artwork AND,
    • it does not contain any recognizable faces (even if you have permission), AND
    • it is content-appropriate to the iTunes Store AND,
    • it is okay with you if I adjust the image in a photo editor to make it fit better with the Petri game style (color scheme, etc.).

    send an email to petri_photos (at) mattgillingham.com . I will take a look and, if it fits with what I'm trying to do, I'll include it in the game. You will be given credit in the credits section.

    The kinds of things that I am looking for include:
    • exotic places
    • natural settings
    • visually striking images
    • abstract digital artwork
    • ...

    Here is some early dev footage taken from the Simulator to give you an idea of the kind of effect I am going after.


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