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    LevelUp Studio (Beautiful Widgets, Plume) is proud to present our first game on iOS systems. Peti is available since 5th September on App Store.

    Since today, a free version is available (one Skill tree and first World available on the game).

    It's a cute puzzle game (Match 4+) where you can use special power to help you cleaning all the level.

    Thanks for your feedback

    Free Version :


    Complete Version


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    Aug 8, 2012

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    great game, remind me of Dr Mario, but with more fun! Our first game. Now I hope it will be updated for the iPhone 5, I see black bars on almost all apps and games now :(
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    Aug 27, 2012
    I think Peti here is a pretty decent game. The thing is, this game has been out for a month now, and the Peti devs have advertised the game like mad on sites like TA, 148 Apps and PG - everytime I go to any of the sites, I see the Peti ad.

    But the sad thing is, there is no ratings or reviews on the App Store, at all. Surely something wrong with the ad system there, no? Its not like this game is garbage.

    Btw, LevelUp is a respectable Android developer and they have been picked as a Top Dev by Google.
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    Nov 16, 2012
    Well, we guess we arrived at the wrong moment and this kind of game is not what people are looking for. We are entering the top paid in the Google Play Store, but we wish we could enter the iOS world. Maybe the few people that bought the game could rate us in the App Store, that might help :)

    We bought a lot of ads but that did not help at all, we tried and might not re-experiment with them!
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    Impressions soon
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    Game Impressions

    I too sort of enjoyed the free version but think my issue was around the fact that, at least in the levels of the free trial, I never had any need to use the special powers and that I really wouldn't want to have to keep grinding on those relatively easy preview levels to unlock the next power that, while interesting on the surface, never really made much difference. As I recall there wasn't even a bonus for time left or how empty I kept the playfield so there didn't seem to be any ways I could really maximize my score via efficient/skilled play.

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