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"Pet Playpen, created by, is a really cute, highly interactive virtual pet …
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"Pet Playpen, created by, is a really cute, highly interactive virtual pet application."

9 out of 10 (Editor's Pick)



I've been waiting for a Tamagotchi-like Pet sim for iPhone for a while now, (Pet Rock is cute, lol) and this one is the closest/best there is to one so far. Great job, Sparebytes, a great start for your first iPhone/iPod Touch game, and look forward to your others in the future!

- ShanieApple (UK)

Wow, I mean I am seriously impressed! The interface is great; I love all of the games and things to buy! Not to mention the brilliant concept for a virtual pet game! I am very impressed with it all. Just keep on adding new games, features, items, etc. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who enjoys cute and fuzzy apps.

- Gerbil545 (US)

This is the BEST pet app in the app store! I bought this because I love these things! I quickly fell in love with it, now my kids love it! And I've caught my hubby playing it too! We adore this! Great app! Thank you!

- Purple Peanut (US)



Version 1.03 features:
* 1 new pet (pig)
* 5 new toys
* 5 new food items
* 2 new achievements
* Invite your other pets to play with your current pet by touching the whistle in the upper left hand corner
* Enhanced brushing interaction
* Slot game balancing

Version 1.02 features:
* Changed references of "Pet Pals" in app to "Pet Playpen" due to legal circumstances.

Version 1.01 features:
* 2 new mini games (that means 5 total!).
* 5 new food items!
* 5 new toys items!
* 5 new achievements!
* Increased time before pets may run away.
* Other minor bug fixes and game balancing.



Pet Playpen (formerly Pet Pals) is an innovative virtual pet app that allows you to play, feed, groom, and interact with six different pets!

* Adopt up to 3 pets and choose from 6 cute pet types (dog, cat, penguin, bunny, rock, pig).
* Interact with all of your pets and help them play with and use all of the available items.
* Over 90 types of toy, food, and hygiene products in the stores.
* Over 60 unique animations and sounds.
* Play 5 exciting and interactive games to earn money.
** Highs & Lows: A number guessing game.
** Sledding: Help your pet get to the bottom of the mountain using the accelerometer.
** Slots: Test your luck with this popular casino game.
** Frisbee Fetch: Toss a frisbee to your pet in this game of accuracy.
** Follow The Leader: Test your memory with the help of your pets.
* Choose from 5 different backgrounds and settings (both indoors and outdoors) available for your pets.
* Search for secret items and actions!
* Work with your pet to accomplish achievements and get rewarded!
* Monitor your pets’ loyalty, health, happiness, hunger, hygiene, and appearance.
* Track your overall stats as you grow as a trainer.

Pet Playpen will be frequently updated with bug fixes, items, achievements, games and more!



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If you are having any issues with Pet Playpen and need help, send us an email or fill out the bug report form (link above). Please remember that we have no way of getting in contact with you if you request help in a written review.
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