Perfection! 3: The Chain. Upcoming Puzzle/Strategy game.

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    Hello TouchArcade'rs,

    Been a wee while since I've been here, all work and very little play. Well to post at least, still visit the site and forums as much as I can in my capacity as a gamer.

    Anyhooo, The final piece to the Perfection! trilogy of puzzlers is drawing close to release time, or at least nearly finished. If anyone has played any of the other two games, this one might look similar at a first glance but it's a very, very different game. I just like the simplicity of the visuals, so I've been keeping the same feel.

    This time around there is a lot more going on, much more fast paced and you'd best be able to think on your toes.

    There's a video for it on YouTube not that it does it any real justice. I'm hardly Spielberg and it's better played than watched.

    Thoughts, suggestions and general abuse welcome as always :D



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