Perchang: A Portal Puzzler

Over 5 million players worldwide!!! Welcome to Perchang, the only physics puzzler with red AND blue buttons… probably. …
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Over 5 million players worldwide!!! Welcome to Perchang, the only physics puzzler with red AND blue buttons… probably. Exercise your brain and test your ability in this fun packed, skill based, physics puzzler. Inspired by games like Lemmings and pinball, your challenge is a simple one; guide one marble after another from one side of the level to their goal on the other. Use the flipper, magnet, portal, fan, anti-gravity hoop and many more gizmos to complete each brain teasing stage. Don't take too long though.... You’re on the clock! Marble madness stand aside! Physics Puzzlers keep out the way! Even Rube Goldberg and his fantastic machines wouldn’t be able to keep up! Our unique and easy to use control system puts the power in your hands, to beat the puzzles and test your ability. Activate a pinball flipper or fire a cannon! Sticky floor or fan? Fling a ball through a portal, or turn it upside-down with a magnet! The choice is yours! So put your ability to the test, engage your brain and get those balls to their goal! Use the gizmos to finish the levels as quickly as you can and add to your medal haul! Completing a level is one thing but can you get gold? Only the most skilful pinball wizard will be able to compete for gold medals and have a chance of unlocking the near impossible gold runs! And now, head to outer space with "Perchang: Black"... These 24 new gravity defying levels to challenge your puzzle solving ability. The beautiful new levels of Perchang Black demand just as much brain power and even more skill! Gravity varies from level to level. Each marble will fly higher and longer as everything you’ve learned is turned on it’s head. You’ll need all the strength of a magnet to win over these unruly marbles! Perchang Black is available as a separate purchase. So, if you're looking for a 3D puzzler with gizmos galore that will test your brain and quick reactions, then look no further than the physics puzzler, Perchang! Our portal, fan and flipper fun has been played and loved by over 5 million people all over the world. ======= "I am loving every second of it" 5 Stars - App Advice "Perchang is like Marble Madness meets Lemmings" - Touch Arcade "A beautiful and incredibly well designed pinball puzzle game" - 148Apps ======= FEATURES: - 60 Stunningly beautiful 3D courses to test your ability. - Pinball style, simple controls with deep mechanics so anyone can pick up and have fun. - Flipper and portal. Magnet and fan. There are loads of unique gizmos to guide the balls through levels. - Test your brain and solve this physics puzzler by switching the colour of the gizmos. - Navigate the marble madness and hit your goals quickly to collect all the gold medals. - Use all your skill to earn achievements. - Unlock the special Gold Runs for the hardest challenges! So, don’t be a bunch of lemmings, and come join the new puzzler fun! Perchang - A Flipper, Fan and Portal Puzzler cannot be held responsible for devices broken due to none skillful fingers! ;)
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Jun 22, 2016
Updated:Dec 01, 2022
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