People's Card : Never Expire Passes and Cards (for iOS 6 Passbook)

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    ★★★★★ It won’t take long to realize that creating Passbook content is easy as pie –
    ★★★★★ Simple, to the point, and with pretty professional looking results – CultOfMac

    People’s Card is a free utility app to explore the maximum potential of iOS 6′s revolutionary Passbook system.
    It helps you to create your very own passes and cards, and place them in your iPhone’s Passbook. You could easily distribute them to other people as you will.

    It could be used to create your personal & business card, or event tickets when you are organizing a party. For people who is executing a small business, the app would be also valuable. You may want to create awesome coupons and membership cards, for your customers who have an iPhone.

    Unlike the traditional card makers, you could freely change the content of our passes and cards whenever there is an update. And the people who have the card will have it refreshed immediately.

    ✔ Create kinds of information cards & passes for both personal and business usage, including:
    ☆ Personal Card
    ☆ Business Card
    ☆ Event Ticket
    ☆ Coupon
    ☆ Membership Card
    ☆ New types will be added on user demand

    ✔ Distribute passes and cards through Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Message, and e-mails.

    ✔ Scan and add other people’s card via camera

    ✔ Automatically push notification to other people when cards are updated

    ✔ Fully integrated with Passbook of iOS 6

    ✔ Fully compatible with iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and iPod Touches with iOS 6
    * The scanner of iPod Touch 4 may not work perfectly due to the missing of auto-focus camera

    ✔ Get first card for free, and 2 more free cards by broadcasting the information with Facebook and Twitter. Further upgrading of the card box to put more cards is purchasable.

    ♡ Please don’t hesitate to write an email to for any feedback or suggestion. Thank you very much! ♡

    Please check this FAQ if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

    Link to AppStore (Free Download):

    Demo Video:

    Tutorial 1 – Introduction, and Create a Personal Card

    Tutorial 2 – Create Membership Card and Coupon for Small Business

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    Mar 25, 2011
    People’s Card Updated to Support iPod Touch 4G

    Update 1.0.1
    ★★★ Compatibility Improvement ★★★
    ★ Revise the default Facebook / Twitter message for getting free CardBox size increase
    ★ Remove the requirement of an auto-focus camera to support iPod Touch 4G
    ★ Change category to Utility / Business

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