Pentagon Defense! (Working game by us and for YOU) :P

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    Well, Pentagon Defense is not officially the name of the game yet but it's one of a map of the game. We are about to ask your help to make the name for it. :D

    This is a RTS tower defense game with drawing control, we are sure that you will love it!:p

    We will keep you all update with the gameplay video really soon. And below are list of things we can promise about its contents:

    - Real-time strategy tower defense with drawing control.

    - Beautiful vector/neon graphics.

    - Beautiful combat between your aircrafts and enemy's tanks.

    - Ultimate powerful weapons.

    - Features many aircrafts and tanks with different abilities. (Shop/Upgrade)

    - Features many maps with 2 play modes on each map for your replay value (Classic & Survival)

    - Universal app & iPhone 4 retina display support.

    - Game Center.

    - Multilayer features.

    - Online leader board.

    - And more to come!

    The game should be ready in a month from now!

    We can not wait to show you some in-game screenshots of one of a map below. Hope you guys like it!:cool:



  2. jessicalolz

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    Dec 12, 2009
    Looks neat. Any video?
  3. kissrocknroll

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    Jan 7, 2010
  4. antony.thai

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    Flight Control + GeoDefense = ???
  5. firebatstudio

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    Sep 21, 2010
    = Epic concept!

    If so, this's definitely a crazy fun game...are you the developer? I'm looking for more detail of it.
  6. LordGek

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    Hey Gang,

    I've had the honor of getting to see an early alpha build of this game and it does indeed rock hard in a stylish way!

    Many of the exact details are still in flux, but here are some of the basics that are pretty firm so far:

    -Baddies want to invade the Pentagon and each one that gets past your defenses will damage the Pentagon until it is destroyed (just like any other Survival game, this will happen eventually, all you can do is hold this off as long as possible). The baddies will come in drips and drabs from all sides of the field as parts of successively bigger and badder waves.
    -You'll need to be careful as some of these tanks can attack back and shoot down craft that get in too close to them.
    -Each of the Pentagon's 5 segments acts sort of like a hanger for an aircraft. You tap on an empty segment to add a new aircraft which could be anything from a basic jet, attack copter, stealth bomber, etc. depending on your strategic need and available funds.
    -Every baddy (primarily a variety of ground based tanks and trucks) you kill gives you a few bucks (standard TD stuff there) which can then be used to either buy more aircraft or upgrade your stable of aircraft.
    -To deploy your aircraft you draw a line from their hanger to a point on the field for you plane to attack, lay a mine, or whatever it is that particular aircraft does. The moment your aircraft has shot down the targeted tank it will turn around and head back to base to reload as most of your aircraft, well until significantly upgraded, are only good for one shot.
    -The Pentagon itself has a few experimental weapons that can be used to take out a screen of baddies, but they take a while to charge up and can only be used sparingly.

    Hopefully Antony will be able to upload a video at some point as it is a sight to behold in action!
  7. antony.thai

    antony.thai Well-Known Member

    @lordgek: Thank you for recommend it. We will upload a video about the game this week.

    @all: we hope that this will be a unique game that completely unlike anything in the store atm.
  8. jianghongye

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    Aug 23, 2010
  9. antony.thai

    antony.thai Well-Known Member

    @jianghongye: $0.99 for all these features, natively works on iPhone/Pod 2G ->iPhone/Pod 3G/S -> iPhone/Pod 4 -> iPad :)
  10. jessicalolz

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    Dec 12, 2009
    @LordGek: From what you say, the game sounds awesome! I will be following this thread!:cool:
  11. antony.thai

    antony.thai Well-Known Member

    Thank youu!! I can't wait to give more infos after polishing the gameplay a little bit more today.

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