peer pressure; top down multiplayer fighter game ideas

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    Aug 25, 2009
    game title;
    -peer pressure

    ux flow
    -quick play option on main menu
    -continue option on main menu
    -the game menu will be area based
    -there will be several areas like a mall, stadium, convention center, a block ect
    -each area will have several map/modes in them layout will be like a mario style arcade world where you can move from one to the other and select
    -the map/modes will be like deathmatch team deathmatch coop survival modes ect
    -some areas will be locked until you lvl up or pay to unlock
    -some map/modes will be locked in an area until you lvl up or pay to unlock
    -there will be one whole area dedicated to clans (more details below)
    -each area will have a ldr board showing top players, top clans, and how you stack against that and your friends stats
    -there will be a status of completion under the area and a short bio of the area
    -tap area to go into the area menu where you selet a map/mode choose a character and play

    there will be a party system
    -it will use the widget in the bottom right each button will represent a player in your party
    -meaning only 3 player parties
    -tap on an empty button to invite player
    -tap on yourself to bring up shout menu (prebuilt comments like "start it up" or "hey there" ect)
    -when comments are sent a dialog bubble will appear over the thumbnail to the other player
    -tap to view gamers profile

    on profile you can;
    -boot from party
    -send friend request
    -invite to party if not already in your party (there are other ways to view another gamers profile) and/or invite to your clan (if you have the privs to do so)

    there will be clans
    -you can join or create a clan
    -there will be a whole area dedicated to clans with its own map/modes like
    -training grounds
    -in game activity feed/status update page
    -sparring mode
    -tourny mode
    -if you are ldr you can invite others, designate rank (privs) ect
    -you can unjoin the clan at anytime

    layered info menus;
    -in all the menus and in the game too there will be layered informative menus
    -in the top right or somewhere there will be an alerts widget like when you get invited, requested ect, this will also be present in games too for bits of info like player blasted player with emo drain ect
    -just tap on this section to bring it to full screen where you can see a list of alerts, alternatively you can tap on it when in a game to quickly view the k/o spread
    -top left is a profile image thumbnail with quick details like overall score and favorite character ect, tap this to bring up your profile where you can edit stuff
    -there will be a button in the bottom left for context sensitive stuff (i think), like back, save/close, go (when you highlight an area), jump (when party ldr launches a game it will appear and you tap it to jump into the game the ldr started) <would rather use a context sensitvie button like this then pop ups....

    all the menu design stuff and ux (user experience) flow stuff can be tweaked of course... nothing is set in stone

    on to the battle system...

    -static vj bottom left

    -there will be a widget holding three thumbnail images of 3 diff kinds of attacks (long range, short range and area attacks)
    -highlight the attack you want to use by tapping on it
    -then tap on screen to both aim and use attack at the same time
    -taps for quick attacks
    -tap and hold to charge up strong attacks
    -flick gestures can also be used

    -will be randomized
    -when you have one they will appear above the widget
    -tap to activate it

    kill/death streaks;
    -pop up will appear when one can be activated
    -just tap to activate it
    -if additional moves are earned but are the same type a # will appear showing you how many times you can do it
    -if additional moves are earned but are diff types they will appear right beside the other ones

    thoughts on the battle system;
    -this is a major breakthru
    -the idea that you simply highlight an attack you want to use, then tap on screen to use that attack in the direction of your tap will allow gamers to easily circle strafe and get very strategic without having to manage target areas or locked targets

    on to the characters....

    characters will be stereotypes like;
    -punk rockers

    each of these characters will have their own unique attacks, and kill/death streaks

    both new areas and new characters can be pushed via in app purchases there is also a pay to unlock monetization concept and i would sell the app @ 99cents
  2. cubytes

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    Aug 25, 2009
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    now the fun part :)

    i need help designing the attacks each character will do...

    3 attack types
    -long range (does minimal damge)
    -melee (does the most damage)
    -stun (no damge only stuns enemy)

    2 (maybe more) variations of each attack;
    -strong attacks
    -and maaaybe some flick gestures

    kill death streaks will be environmental and each character has the same set they just look a bit diff

    6 deployables;
    -bubble shield
    -speed powerup
    -attack boost
    -need 2 more?...

    what kind of multiple outfits could there be?
    long range?
    what kind of melee attacks would an emo do?
    what kind of stun attacks could an emo do?

    -multiple outfits = diff sports
    -long range = throw or kick ball; quick throw one football, strong throw several in a 4 ball wide spread
    -melee; straight forward boxing/wrestling style
    -stuns; quick roid rage and strong summon cheerleaders
    -roid rage = mad beserk dash in random directions if character runs into enemy they will be spun around get dizzy stunned for x amount of secs
    -summon cheerleaders; a circle of cheerleaders will appear any enemies caught up in that circle will stare at the cheerleaders for x amount of secs allowing the jock to just beat down the enemy

    -multiple outfits; punk, metal, ect
    -long range = loud mic screams seend waves of energy at enemy; quick just one scream energy blast straight forward; strong will be a huge scream that sends waves of energy out in a circle
    -melee swings guitar around wildly
    -stuns; guitar solos summon band
    -solos if enemy caught in the blast they will start head banging uncontrollably you will have a brief sec to gain ground or hit enemy after the solo is finished
    -band circles enemy if caught in circle enemy will head bang

    -multiple outfits; skateboarders and surfers
    -long range attacks?
    -stun; do a trick on the board to amaze enemy

    -multiple outfits bloods crypts ect
    -long range attack gun shots
    -stun; "make it rain on them hoes" enemy will be busy trying to pick up money quick/strong just varies in the amount of money..

    multiple outfits?
    -long range?
    -stun; confuse enemy with technical details or do something very awkward or clumsy and enemy will be laugh stunned for x amount of secs

    i think the long range, short range and stun mechanic will work out nicely. i orginally intended that 3 attack to be area based like multidirectional shots changed my mind to "stun" attacks which is a major breakthru in the gameplay mechanics by adding that much needed depth and strategy to the combat
  3. Epox

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    Jul 30, 2010
    - punk costumes. Dark clothes
    - throw blades
    - cutting themselves lets loose a minor explosion
    - stun idk?
  4. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    hahaha niiice

    idk emos had an obsession over blades?

    actually idk much about the whole "emo" lifestyle tbh
  5. Dakaa

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    Jul 1, 2010
    bro, just check out 'CS2D' pc version and the psp version, that's what we want on the iphone.
  6. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    4 characters (maybe more via dlc)

    5 modes;

    -4 games at launch (more via dlc)
    -each game will have 3 levels to it
    -3 dynamic cut-scenes (diff depending on character selected by players)
    -linear action experience with dual player dynamic puzzles and boss fights
    -dynamic item set (like l4d basically if its too easy it will limit the items too hard it will increase them ect)
    -players can be incapacitated and need to be helped by other player
    -can be played offline with ai and online with friend, clan member or stranger
    -online search for ideal lobby, cant find one it will create one
    -or user can choose to start a game just for friends or clan members
    -under each story you will see metrics like percentage completed, acheivements friends online ect
    -have to use items for healing
    -each story is isolate and not related to each other the only cohesive element is the characters you play as

    -4 maps designed specifically for deathmatch with more pushed via dlc
    -random spawn points for items
    -4 players will compete to kill each other
    -quick play, find lobby, create lobby if one is not found match with friends or clan members
    -health recharges overtime if you dont take any damage

    -1 on 1
    -plays out like a fighter as in no respawns
    -when a player dies the round is over stylishly then both players are reset
    -quick play
    -tournaments, clan tournaments
    -no health no items

    -2 player coop defense game (4 would be sweet)
    -you have to protect something
    -at least 4 maps
    -you dont die you just respawn and have points taken off
    -when the object your trying to protect gets destroyed game over
    -each additional wave will be increasingly more difficult
    -uses a limited set of items for health
    -each wave must be initiated within the game allowing player to get ready and launch the wave when they want to
    -when wave is finished player must get ready again then launch next wave so on and so on

    -social mode
    -no gameplay
    -basically an ingame activity of all the social features in one mode
    -helps you network with a group of friends and groups of strangers to organize matches and clan tournaments
    -plus it makes it easier for ppl to jump into games with friends and strangers without having to deal with accepting individual friend requests, invites or challenges ect... it all revolves around the clans

    3 attacks;
    -long range

    -does the most damage but is the most risky
    -will deflect long range attacks
    -can be charged up 2 times
    -taps do quick slashes right in front of you
    -tap hold then release before 2nd stage can do quick but powerful tech attacks like a charge attack for instance
    -continue to hold unlock 2nd stage release to unleash the attack
    -3rd stage is a super powerfull melee attack
    -when charging you use action pad as if it was a joystick to aim the attack
    -when charging you cant really move all that fast either

    -long range
    -taps do quick weak shots
    -will interupt charging and interupt stuns
    -tap and hold to do more powerful shots then use thumb to aim where it goes
    -only has 2 stages not 3 like melee

    -does no damage
    -tap to do quick but short range stuns
    -has 3 stages
    -first stage is a quick linear stun but has short range
    -second stage is a beserk stun where characater will dash off in random directions, run into an enemy or near them will stun but in 2nd stage you have to wait until the mad dash is over before you can exploit the stun you just landed
    -3rd stage summons a circle to surround a pretty large area stunning anyone unlucky to be caught in the middle

    embedded radar;
    -stop moving to see a dialog bubbles indicating the direction of objects or destinations of interest
    -when you are close you will see dialog bubbles of enemy players but not enemy ai
    -when you zoom out you get a birds eye view of the entire map with all objects of interest updated in real time so if will show you everything

    control ideas;
    there will be a vj on the bottom left
    an action pad bottom right
    top right three buttons that can be highlighted by tapping on them

    an action pad;
    -is like a big square virtual button
    -tap within the square to do attacks
    -tap and hold to charge up tech attacks or special stuns
    -use the square and your taps location relevant to the sqaures center to input direction of the attacks
    -like if you want to attack diagonally you tap one of the corners
    -if you want to attack to the right tap the right side of the square
    -if you want to attack up tap the top of the square
    -so on and so on

    to change the kinds of attacks;
    -you just tap one of the 3 buttons top highlight the attack you want to use
    -then use the action pad to commence attacking
    -if you want to switch tap another kind of attack to highlight it then use the action pad to commence attacks

    -you collect 1 and can use it when you want to by taping an on screen icon
    -it will just auto replace previously collected item
    -they will randomly spawn sometimes there will be duplicates of items sometimes there wont

    items like
    -stunna shades; render stun attacks ineffective
    -health pack (for story and defense only)
    -what other kinds of items could there be? i want unique and interesting items not old overused powerups
    -when you use an item it appears on you like the stunna shades and will change appearance slightly

    engine thoughts;
    -want to go 3d cell shaded but with more of a loose top down perspective rather then a fly follow camera perspective so player never has to worry about panning the cam but you could still have all kinds of interesting environments with areas having different elevation, winding paths ect
    -would like 4 player deathmatch maybe 6 on wifi
    -fast paced with lots of enemies on the screen and polished effects

    menu thoughts;
    -top tier
    -game mode menu

    top tier;
    -lists all the game modes just tap to open game mode menu

    story (or whatever it will be called);
    -lists all of the stories you have and shows dlc stories just tap to purchase/download them
    -just tap story to launch the lobby and play or tap a quick play button to randomize and get you into the action as fast as possible
    -under the stories you will see info like completeness, number of friends or clan members playing that story ect
    -tap on a story to open the lobby
    -in the lobby you will have 3 options
    -a button to tap to just play offline by yourself with an ai (will do this automatically if no connection)
    -and you can tap a filter button to highlight friends only and it will search for lobbies with your friends or create one an only allow players who are your friends to join
    -and another button to filter to clan only same as friends only
    -and of course you can highlight both limiting the mathmaking search to just friends who are also in your clan or the clan you are in too
    -if device does have a connection it will automatically search for a lobby that is already live based on player skill, if no lobby is found it will just create one on the spot
    -the lobby is also where you select the character you want to play as
    -game will launch when lobby is full or manually launched by lobby leader

    the rest of the menus will pretty much follow the same design as above with some minor nuances here and there but the overall flow will be pretty much the same...
  7. socom39

    socom39 Well-Known Member

    Counter Strike 2d would port perfect to the idevices and im sure would become the #1 multiplayer game in the store in NO time. I been dien for this or something similar to get released what are you waiting for developers!
  8. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    i never played counter strike 2d ill def check that out
  9. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    further reiteration....


    -quick; use guitar like a bat
    -2nd stage; swing guitar 360degress
    -3rd stage; knee slide epic strum action which stuns anything in range and after that the rocker runs off and attacks anything that is stunned; will not attack unless target is stunned

    long range;
    -quick; use guitar to shoot blasts of musical notes or electric waves
    -2nd stage; holds guitar in the air a lighting bolt hits the guitar and a blast of energy resonates out everytime the lighting bolt strikes in random pattens

    -quick; knee slide epic strum
    -2nd stage; runs around like crazy
    -3rd stage; summons band and fans will appear creating a circle around the character and any players caught inside the circle of fans will be stunned
    -enemy stun animation; the enemy character begins to rock out and starts headbanging uncontrollably


    -quick; jabs, hooks and kicks
    -2nd stage; straight forward clothesline tackle
    -3rd stage; summons whole team and they will grab enemies bring them in range holding them there to get pounded by the jock

    -quick; kick or throw a ball at target
    -2nd stage; kick or throw multiple balls at targets

    -quick; character does a quick pose
    -2nd stage; charges off screaming like the character just won a champoinship game
    -3rd stage; starts off just like the quick stun but then character busts out a trophy and then the game chooses randomly either cheerleaders a marching ban or sports fans will circle the character trapping everyone in and stunning them
    -enemy stun animation; the enemy will just bust out and start cheering for the jock uncontrollably


    -quick; really clumsy almost fake karate fighting <like the character was all like "i know karate" but he really doesnt know and looks rediculous trying to fight like that
    -2nd stage; character pulls out smartphone makes a few taps and out of no where a mob of fanboys appear running down anything in their path <one time they will be wearing windows shirts with funny dialog boxes like "blue screen of death" another time it can be apple fanboys linux android ect
    3rd stage; character busts out a mobile suit only the suit itself is homemade and looks kinda lame

    long range;
    -quick; character pulls out smartphone and shoots something out of it
    -2nd stage; kinda the same idea as the rocker but a sat shoots a beam and the character uses the glass of the smartphone to deflect it at multiple enemies in random patterns

    -quick; character trips and enemy in close vicinity will be stunned
    -2nd stage; and extension of the first stage character will just be a clumsy mess running rolling tripping ect
    -3rd stage; character begins a slideshow presentation dialog bubbles with the text "php" "rubyonrails" along with random technical phrases like GUI and while this is happening a convention begins to be summoned in a circle around the character
    -enemy stun animation; 1st and 2nd stage enemy will be laughing uncontrollably but the 3rd stage they will be confused with dialog bubbles with question marks they will be scratching their heads shrugging their shoulders ect


    i have no clue yet...

    campaign concepts;
    -basically want to use universal themes like zombies, robot apocolypse, alien invasion, vampire take over ect
    -the campaign will have 3 levels to it once you finish a level the splash screen for the next one will have stats and tips
    -each level ends with a boss and it will be one huge area for each level
    -there will be a good mix of dual player mechanics which usually need to be done in order to unblock a path to continue forward to the exit
    -there will be 4 cutscenes; 1) the intro scene, 2) the transition scene from level one to two, 3) the transition scene from level two to three, and 4) an ending
    -the cutscenes will be slightly diff depending on which characters the players choose; difference in dialog and animation, but the setting, and supporting cast will be the same

    dual player mechanics;
    -player has to carry an object other player has to escort
    -one player has to operate something for x amount of secs and the other player has to defend until the operation is complete
    -one player helps other player to a ledge where they can hit a switch or something
    -just little nuances like that

    redesigned control layout;
    -vj bottom left shaped as a square
    -small action pad bottom right symertrical with the vj also shaped as a square
    -moving the 3 attack hotkey buttons to be in between the vj and action pad
    -right above the three on screen buttons still in between the vj and action pad will be characters thumbail portriat image looking like the character profile photo like they took it themselves with hp and other stats to the right of that image; this image will animate similar to the tales series skits it will also make comments with dialog bubbles to give you hints if you tap on the image it will give you the stats like kill death ratio ect
    -top right radar/compass tap to get a full screen live top down map
    -top left menu/pause button

    -you move with a vj like any dss
    -select the kind of attack you want to do by tapping on one of the 3 on screen buttons located at the bottom center to highlight that attack
    -when you select an attack type the action pad will change appearance to visually represent the kind of attack you have equipped
    -just tap the action pad to do quick attacks with the selected attack type <depending on where you tap on the square will determine the direction of the attack... so basically you can be running in one direction and attacking/shooting in a completely different direction
    -tap and hold action pad to charge to 2nd and 3rd stages <use the action pad like its a vj to aim where the attack is focused at
    -and thats it :)

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