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    Nov 13, 2010
    I have been working with some other parents over the past few months to figure out ways to help bring families closer together in this modern age of kids being consumed by technology. Our first idea has now been brought to life in a Peek A Boo You Game for the iphone. Peek A Boo You, designed by parents of young kids, is one of the first apps to allow your family to build relationships with each other while playing on the iphone. The game allows users to setup personalized audio introductions and corresponding video surprises. For example, a mom can record, "What is mommy doing?" with a corresponding video surprise of a funny face. It is fun to setup the introductions and suprises, as well as, keep the kids entertained as they play the Peek A Boo game with family. Please share this app with your readers. We hope it will be successful enough to continue our efforts to learn how to use technology to build up families.


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