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    Steps is the simplest way to see step data. Use the app to see if you can meet your daily walking goal. With Steps, your iPhone is now a pedometer!

    NO ADS

    ** Requires an iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 PLUS**

    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

    Giveaway Details:
    Our current giveaway is based on Taktap Twitter page.
    To join:

    Follow @Taktap and tweet this to enter:
    I just download Pedometer for iPhone by @Taktap Limited Time 50% off sale.
     This week only.
    That's it! :) everyone wins!

    We're giving promo codes on Twitter,! Just link or mention your name in the comment if you've joined the giveaway =)

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