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    Jan 7, 2009
    This may be common knowledge but I quickly found out after using PDAnet that you have to keep the phone on or else the iphone cuts off airport signal after being in sleep mode for a few seconds, well I tried insomnia and that didn't help also backrounder didn't help keep the signal going.

    so I tried Mewseek and it sems to be doing the trick as long as you stay connected and the little icon is in your taskbar your still good while in sleep mode which will conserve that precious battery. and if you want you cant just slide to unlock every once in awhile to make sure your connection stays true, But that was it...it just needed something to keep the connection going.

    right now the phone has been connected in sleep mode for an hour and these are the steps I took

    created the ad hoc
    turned on the phone's wifi
    established connection (via browser)
    opened MewSeek
    hit home button then sleep
    every once in awhile I made sure the MewSeek icon was still in the taskbar and sometimes slid to open just to do other things and like text and stuff.

    Note: I'm going to try and use Backrounder on MewSeek that way if I use the network on the phone for another download MewSeek will still stay connected.

    so if this is new info for you hope it works out.
    If you already new then perhaps add some other helpful info.
    thank you

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