iPad PattyCombat - rhythm-memory-fighting game (free)

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  1. hi there my name is Vincenzo, from Firenze and this is a little rhythm-game I've made: [app]PattyCombat[/app].
    The game was released two days ago and in italy it's at the moment 2nd placed in his category (games/music), whereas in US store it's become invisible after few minutes.
    So I hope someone of you can see it here and perhaps give us some feedback :)

    Here the trailer:

    Game description
    is a game of rhythm, memory and coordination, in which you can challenge extravagant fighters to patty cake.

    Game is quite hard to master but has simple mechanics: you have to learn longer and longer patterns and repeat them by tapping to the beat.
    Patterns will change casually every time you play, furthermore the opponents will introduce some variations to the base pattern, by putting hands up, down or crossing the arms.

    As i said winning is not easy: youÂ’ll have to be focused, keep the calm and playing perfectly to the beat.

    hope you enjoy it, it's free to play :)

    PattyCombat is also the only game officially approved by the world champion Gino Scappelloni

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