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    Pattern Break Puzzle
    Description [Information]

    It is an easy puzzle game for everyone.
    You feel concentration and joy by playing the game, elevate your recognition skills as well.


    Differentiated Drag styled game play which only smart phone has
    Instant understanding and ease control
    Game for all age
    Anthroposophy style Brain train game

    ★ 4 stage/ 53 level / Enjoy 159 mission
    ★ Go away same pattern game(Randam style game play)


    1. Find the right code(icon) & pattern as it is required which is shown on monitor
    2. Drage to connect each code(icon)
    3. It will glow with green color if you selected right code(icon)
    4. Right code pattern should accord with right Code pattern and direction of drag course. It will glow with green color if you selected right course


    Blog : http://jlabstore.com/

    Do you want to this game for free!
    Email me!! i'll give you ridim code. The first fifty

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