Patented technology by Apple (either it isn't or it is?)/

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    We have had quite a few apps rejected because they infringed on Apples IP.

    We built an app called (Login HD) Lock Your Screen(now) using the Slide to Unlock mechanism that Apple has patented.

    An app called Lock Screen 2 was doing really well on the Mac app store using the Slide to Unlock mechanism. This app gave us a sense of security that it was ok to use the Slide to Unlock functionality. So we went ahead and built this functionality into our app.

    It was immediately rejected stating that the app used the patented Slide to Unlock mechanism. So we went back to the drawing board came up with many concepts that were very different from Apples slider. Anything that had a left to right motion was rejected didn't matter what it was. I think the battle went back and forth for several months killing endless hours of trying to come up with a concept that Apple wouldn't claim ownership.

    We finally had to give up and change the name and resubmit a new app ( Lock your Screen) After some haggling it was finally approved. We used a drawing matrix to finally get pass the patent infringement.

    A few months ago an app used the slider but the app wasn't very good and faded into the wood work. This week an app appeared in the utilities section and is doing really well. Guess what? THEY ARE USING THE SLIDE TO UNLOCK MECHANISM as the star attraction . Even there Screenshots show in big bold letters Swipe to Unlock. To make matters worse they used almost all our text and layout. Not too concerned about that at this point.

    Here is the real problem. One developer goes through hell and back and another developer gets a gravy train using patented technology that Apple is trying to protect tooth and nail against other Phone companies and SOME developers.

    We went through the same Nightmare with our iPhone app called Fold to Unlock. Apple claimed to own the Folding concept as well. After tonnes of work we were forced to make the folding mechanism come from the top down to get it approved.

    The IOS and OSX platforms have enough issues as it is, Apple shouldn't be allowing some developers to use patented concepts and others stuck going through the motions of developing something Apple might approve.

    The store has to start being a level playing field for all developers. How do you compete with an app that uses Apple technology that you aren't allowed to use.

    Really pissed off.
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    All these complaints coming from you (guys) are starting to get a teeeeny bit overthetop. I really don't need another thread talking about slide to unlock issues or some mediocre jmpnrun game that passed compared to a unpolished jumpnrun that was bitten by the community.

    We all know that certain products pass, others don't, sometimes due to the subjective nature of reviewers.
    It is everyone's right, privilege and chance to make the best possible product and user experience.
    However I can have no respect for people judging other seemingly "bad" games wondering why their own "bad" game was denied.

    This thread was just replied to yesterday with some form of acceptance and comprehension:
    and 1/2 day later the next thread pops up, staying in line with numerous complaining threads in the past weeks and months.

    If you would take all that time and energy it takes to create these buzzing threads and discussions that you are getting yourself into and use it to polish your ideas, projects and games, everyone would benefit in the short AND long run. Just a suggestion, though. Past has shown that you tend to avoid accepting certain things, like learning for example :(
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    survival on iOS / mac app store is hit and miss.

    what your missing here is that every time Syndicate Puzzles posts; thats exposure of his name (and more importantly, his signature) for other users to find out about what he has on the app store. bad PR is still PR - as i've learnt over the years, i try to keep my posts useful so people say "hey, this guy is reasonable - sure i'll check out his apps" .. but i have noticed every time i come to the toucharcade forums to talk/reply/help other people - sales go up.

    marketing 101 :)
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    Cut and dry!

    The issue with Slide to Unlock has nothing to do with hit and miss or luck. Apple has made a very strong stance about making sure no one is using their patented Slide to Unlock technology. This is a vicious circle because right now several other developers are building apps with this feature only to be rejected.

    This isn't about whining or whatever you want to call it. The issue is black & white and documented. It is definitely worthy of a discussion in a developers forum. In this instance (especially) the review process simply can't be that different between two developers trying to compete for the same shelf space. The issue is too simple and too obvious to be ignored. Being allowed to use the slider is a huge advantage and gives that developer increased sales.

    This is between Apple and developers and no third parties are involved that is why it is so clear cut. Apple has always pronounced the fact (many times) that the app platforms have to be equal for all developers, so they are going against their own statements. Where I come from you call on people to stand behind their beliefs and policies.
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    I wasn't missing it, mobile1up.
    Just looking for nice ways to putting things. But good thing is, it hasn worked too well so far, obviously.
    Missing a report post button there :(
    Or Mr.ugly will take care of eventually...
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    Patents aside, Apple should just ban this entire category of apps. Apps can't lock or unlock a device. Any "security" app that can be defeated by pressing the home button should never make it on to the app store. These apps feed off naive users.
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    We are talking Mac apps not IOS. And yes I agree the entire Lock Screen crap for IOS is a smoke and mirrors money grab and should have never been allowed. We built our IOS locks to secure data and info and we never tried to fool the user into believing the app locked their device.

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