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    Feb 25, 2021
    Hello! I would like to introduce you to our app for the secure storage of data: passwords, cards, photos and notes)

    SecureX is password manager and secure storage of your notes, payment cards, photos and documents. Use our password generator, autofill, sync with cloud storage and other functions for a safe and convenient experience with our password manager. The application interface is simple, friendly and intuitive.

    Why are we a secure password manager?

    We do not store your master password. Any access to your data is carried out using a unique personal secret key generated based on your master password and stored in iOS keychains. No one else will be able to receive or read this data either during its transmission or in the storage.

    We are not responsible for the loss of your data in the event of a device flashing, using jailbreak and similar systems, as well as when restoring a device from a backup without the keychain synchronization option enabled with iCloud.

    We guarantee that your personal data is not sent to the network, is not stored or processed on our servers, therefore we provide the ability to use your personal cloud storage for synchronization, thereby eliminating the possibility of access to your data by third parties, while maintaining privacy, simplicity use and the ability to quickly recover. To ensure the safety of your data, we strongly recommend that you always use synchronization with your cloud storage.

    Important: when a PIN code or master password is lost, its recovery is impossible, and data recovery is also impossible (this is due both to the security policy of our application and the limited capabilities of encryption algorithms).

    Our advantages:

    • Do not collect your personal data: just download and use it without registration.
    • Do not need internet to work with Secure. Data is always with you: abroad, in the forest or on a plane.
    • Protect your data from prying people: access via Face ID, Touch ID and/or PIN code.
    • Start to protect your data as soon as you add your first password, note or bankcard.
    • Use your data on multiple devices by connecting your Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive. We do not have access to your data, and we cannot see it.
    • Autofill your passwords quickly and save you time. (Available on iOS 12)
    • Generate strong and unique passwords with our Password Generator.
    • Add credit cards with credit card scan using the camera on your device.
    • Share your passwords, notes, bankcards as the text message anywhere you need.
    • We cannot get your data, even if you really want. The key is stored only with you and we cannot pick it up, even if you ask us about it. Or not you. Especially if not you.
    • SecureX is also available on iPad and Apple Watch. Use Sync to keep your info updated from any device!
    • Additional security: Erase Data, Emergency PIN Code and Facedown Lock!
    • Add your personal photos, documents, passports, IDs and other photos that you don't want others to see! Photos will be kept encrypted and secure!

    We will be glad if you find it for yourself! Have a great day!
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    As someone who faces security threats a lot on their iOS devices, i suggest and recommend a VPN app to keep all data on your iPhone or other iOS devices safe and far away from hacked into.
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    Sep 28, 2021
    Love this app, through my work I have 12 passwords for 12 different things. This app allows quick access to all my usernames and passwords, easy. Couldn’t live without it plus no advertisements! The producers of this app should be exceptionally proud.

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