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Two games in one! Whizzit 123 is a super-fun counting game that features great music, fun sound effects, lively animatio…
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Two games in one! Whizzit 123 is a super-fun counting game that features great music, fun sound effects, lively animations, and cute graphics. Your children will love to count the toys, flowers, blocks, and other items because every touch causes a unique animation and a silly sound effect. They'll love setting into motion the spinning spirals, growing flowers, bouncing balls, and giggling monkeys while hearing the items counted aloud. Plus, an all-new balloon-popping mini-game challenges your little one to pop a specified number of floating balloons at the carnival.

"Let's just say I couldn't get my iPhone back for an hour after I let my daughter try it..." - Appstore reviewer

Whizzit 123 was developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents of preschoolers for children ages 2 through 5. Rather than just memorization of numbers, this fun game teaches counting of true quantities (each item can be counted once and only once). You'll be pleased that your children are learning to count up to 20 and being exposed to number words as they are highlighted and spoken aloud throughout the game.

"It's fun, educational, and strangely rewarding. My daughter rates it as 'Yay!'" - Touch Arcade

Awarded the BEST medal for applications which are of high quality and in great demand. -iphoneappsplus.com

"I developed this app for my own preschool children so that they could learn to count in a fun, age-appropriate, and engaging game." - Connie Bossert, Ph. D., Educational Psychology

Product Support:
Fairlady Media is committed to developing high-quality family-friendly games that provide excellent entertainment value. Please contact us if you have suggestions for improvement or to get technical issues resolved: support@fairladymedia.com.

If you choose to allow your children to use your iPhone or iPod Touch, we recommend that you keep your device in a protective cover and supervise your children at all times. :)

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