Android Paragon Pioneers 2 (by Tobias Arlt)

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    Hey there,

    I'm Tobias and very happy to share my game Paragon Pioneers 2 with you :) I just pushed the release button and it is now available together with a free demo to test it before purchasing.

    Play Store:


    » Embark on a Grand Adventure with Paragon Pioneers 2! «

    Dive into the captivating world of Paragon Pioneers 2, an engaging city-building idle game filled with extensive content promising months of immersive gameplay. Discover and conquer customizable islands, carefully shaping your empire to satisfy the needs of your citizens. Even with limited playtime, you can delve deep into this simulation, experimenting with various strategies to enhance your realm. Build a magnificent palace and establish your legacy as the most renowned leader in Paragon's history!

    » What Can You Expect? «

    BUILD your empire with over 300 diverse buildings.
    PRODUCE more than 130 goods with intricate production chains.
    RESEARCH over 200 unique perks to tailor your playstyle.
    EXPLORE three distinct regions, each offering unique challenges.
    CONQUER islands using an intuitive and multifaceted combat system.
    IMMERSE yourself in easy-to-learn gameplay, free from ads and online requirements.
    RELAX knowing your empire grows, even when you're not actively playing.
    OBSERVE your scurrying inhabitants in a charming medieval/fantasy world.
    SHAPE every island with a unique map generator to suit your needs.
    ADAPT the game’s difficulty to your preferred play style.
    ENJOY extensive replayability with powerful custodians that grant unique abilities.

    » What’s New in the Sequel? «

    NEW MAJOR FEATURES – Introducing a diverse research system featuring over 200 unique perks that significantly influence gameplay. Explore three distinct regions, each with its own mechanics and exclusive production chains. Tailor your adventure with customizable difficulty levels.

    DOUBLE THE CONTENT – Your islands now have rivers and you can build water mills. Encounter more than double the number of buildings, goods, and units than before. Delve into even more complex production chains for optimization. Boost your crop and livestock production with support buildings as technology advances.

    GRAPHICAL OVERHAUL – Witness the scurrying activity of inhabitants transporting goods and ships docking at islands, all enhanced by dynamic water visuals and more vivid graphics.

    IMPROVED INTERFACE – Now available in landscape mode for tablets. The menu structure has been refined, and additional shortcuts introduced, ensuring seamless navigation. Trading routes have also been simplified, making their management more intuitive than ever.

    ENHANCED PRESTIGE MECHANIC – Construct your palaces more progressively with new challenges and a focus on long-term happiness of your inhabitants. A new reputation system offers greater freedom in custodian selections.

    AND MUCH MORE – Enjoy numerous quality of life improvements inspired by the awesome Discord community for a smoother gameplay experience. Expect enhanced stability, more device adjustment options and much more…

    » Get in touch! «

    Join my Discord community for exclusive tips, latest updates, and to connect with fellow gamers:

    Reach out to me personally at [email protected]

    Or just chat with me below :D

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