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    I would like to show you all my latest project I have been working on.
    It's a point and click zombie adventure/escape game.

    You survived a zombie outbreak because you stayed behind in your apartment but now the food and water supply is running low.
    So it's time to take your chances in the outside world that seems to be destroyed and overrun by the undead.
    Leaving a goodbye letter behind for your girlfriend that might one day come back home.

    Make your way out of the city in this point and click adventure.
    Find objects and use them on different scenarios in order to find a safe way out.

    There are some action elements in this game like a shotgun you can find and use. Zombies could appear through randomness or just by clciking on the wrong objects.
    Sometimes you will need to solve a puzzle other times you will have a few seconds to hide or kill a zombie.
    Hidden notes and articles will tell a small story.

    The game is somewhere near 60 percent done. still working on good scare moments and puzzles.

    Soon for IOS/Android/Windows Phone






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    You could at least vary that filter for different images

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