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    Paper StickMan is the new game entirely drawn on paper to entertain and challenge your and your friends with online mode.

    Have you done your homework ? Well, then you can help your StickMan doing his homework. Play with your StickMan, help it to overcome obstacles that have been drawn.

    Help your StickMan to reach the portal to go to the next level and complete the exercises in the book 1.

    Remember that to get to the end, you have to collect as many pencils as you can, otherwise you will not be able to go to the next book.


    With customizable controls, Paper Stickman makes your game more fun and custom. You can play with touch, with swipe or with the keyboard. In this way the enjoyment (and the difficulty) will be even more intense.
    But be careful, it will not be so easy to take all the pencils. You'll have to engage to help your Stickman.

    Enjoy and enter in the "Book of Fame", and you name will be visible to everyone

    Download it now and share your opinion.

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    Thank you!

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