Panilla Saga - Epic Adventure

Ujoy Games Limited
A Retro RPG Fantasy! It delivers a real idle system and real-time battles. Over 100 stylish Heroes from 6 Factions to co…
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A Retro RPG Fantasy! It delivers a real idle system and real-time battles. Over 100 stylish Heroes from 6 Factions to collect. Conquer Roguelike challenges and various modes for endless fun. Unwind in Arcade Games while creating your idyllic Dreamtown! Play wherever and whenever you want! -Retro art style with Chibi characters With the classic JRPG style, indulge in its mesmerizing retro visuals and immersive atmosphere. A rich cast of Chibi characters, relive the world of Magic and Might. -Summon Heroes and Unleash Power Unlock their potential, level them up, and equip them with powerful gear. Experience the joy of hero summoning and assemble a formidable team! -Real time system in tactical battles Master the art of tactical battles with real-time combat system. With a variety of game modes, the key to victory lies in selecting the perfect strategy and different Heroes. -Roguelike challenge and diverse modes Master the R-like challenge, conquer the maze, and triumph in diverse game modes. Train your squad and reap the rewards. -Dominate in PVP and GVG Battles Challenge players worldwide in PVP and GVG battles! Climb the rankings in Arena and lead your guild to glory in Guild Wars. -Design your Dreamtown and play mini-games Personalize your apartment with beloved Heroes and find solace away from the battles. Indulge in a variety of captivating mini-games to unwind and make the most of your leisure time! -Rich Rewards and Boundless Growth! Accelerate your progress with abundant rewards, offering over 1,100 Free Summons and login bonuses. Even while offline, enjoy massive idle rewards that help you become stronger. ---PROLOGUE--- In the ancient realm of Panilla, from primordial waters life emerged. Once a flourishing land, now in chaos, as the divine power faded and darkness surged. Humanity sought aid from the Gods, they marched to war, to face evil at the prophesized battlefield, the Land of Ragnarok. Peace became a distant dream. But now the Sage Stone of Lucelia has returned. The Gear of Fate begins its gleam. It’s time to save the world! Need some help? Contact us in-game or email us at [email protected] Follow our official channels to learn more! Official website: Facebook: Twitter: Discord: Reddit:
Seller:Ujoy Games Limited
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Oct 25, 2022
Updated:Oct 25, 2023
Size:2.9 GB
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Compatibility:HD Universal