Pandamonium: New Match 3 Game

Create Neptune LLC
GO BEYOND MATCH 3 Solve puzzles in Pandamonium, the first match-3 puzzle game to go beyond match 3. Join Pete the Panda …
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GO BEYOND MATCH 3 Solve puzzles in Pandamonium, the first match-3 puzzle game to go beyond match 3. Join Pete the Panda in this free match 3 puzzle game and make matches and new and unique shapes to pop, blast, and crush circles, obstacles, and bad guys on your way to victory. UNIQUE SHAPE MATCHING Pandamonium is the only puzzle game where your shapes are constantly shifting! In most free match 3 puzzle games you might match three in a row, four in a row, or five in a row--in Pandamonium you'll have to construct shapes from simple squares to saucepans, Xs, and diamonds to win! MIND-BENDING PUZZLES Pandamonium has the widest and wildest variety of puzzles of any free match3 puzzle game, with dozens of addictive game types in just its first few worlds. Earn up to 3 gold stars on each level, but it'll take more than just matching 3 in a row to get there. Prep your brain to go beyond match 3 and let's play! THE LEGEND OF PANDAMONIUM: MATCH 3 GAMES... After an unexpected snowball to the back of the head, Aaron (the boy) wakes up in Empyrea and meets Pete (the panda), the kingdom's magical games-master. With Empyrea in chaos, Pete recruits Aaron to help him get back his lost magic. Aaron agrees to help Pete out in exchange for a magical ticket back home, but will putting Pete in charge really make Empyrea great again? Play Pandamonium: Match 3 Games to find out. PREPARE FOR AN EPIC MATCH-3 PUZZLE ADVENTURE FULL OF FUN AND FEATURES • Go beyond match 3: create a never-ending variety of shapes in addition to match 3-match 4-match 5. Make all kinds of shapes: everything from diamonds to swords to squares to saucepans to achieve your goals! • More original content than any other free match 3 game: journey through hundreds of levels and beautiful, enchanted worlds, each with original games to master. • Unlike other match-3 games, experience an epic storyline that ties together an absurd and entertaining cast of characters: including an enchanted gorilla, a lovesick witch, a petulant wizard, a conniving princess, an angry bird, and a power-hungry space general who isn't who he seems to be. • Listen to an original and extraordinary 26-song soundtrack from electronic and rock artists. The biggest and most diverse soundtrack of any game on iOS! • Rank up and compete against your friends and the world: match 3, match 4, match 5, and make 2x and 3x shapes to climb the leaderboards on every level. • Forget soulless free match 3 games: uncover endless Easter eggs and unlock the secrets of Empyrea. Look everywhere. Tap, crush, pop, and swipe everything. FREE TO PLAY WITH COMPLETELY OPTIONAL IN-APP PURCHASES Pandamonium: Match 3 Games is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases, so forget the candy, the jelly, the farms, and the bubbles and join Aaron and Pete for an unforgettable beyond-match-3 quest to save Empyrea! About the development team: Create Neptune was founded by Mike Leighton and Mike Pandolfini, best friends who grew up loving games on Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Only one of them has seen a panda in real life. They--along with a small but amazing team of artists, musicians, and thinkers--have been making match 3 pandas since 2015. Pandamonium: Match 3 Games (c) 2019 Create Neptune LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Release:Jun 30, 2019
Updated:Jan 15, 2020
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