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Discussion in 'Developer Services and Trade' started by 3dshay, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I have a free application which only opens pdf magazines from a web server database which I will add 1 pdf every week, its a free mag .

    Two freelance developers was unable to publish it for me, this is what they got from apple team after publishing :

    Apple continue to say the app lacking of content (ios) and doesn't provide any useful feature. I try to add In-App Purchase for each PDF file but it doesn't satisfy Apple.
    I think you have to change the app type, not use PDF Reader.

    So if you know whats the problem and what is the way to fix and publish this kinda app, send an email to me, with your published app, and about how much you charge to : blue_shay AT hotmail.com

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    turn it into a subscription management tool.. users can add/edit/remove access to the pdf's generated on another website.. if you push it as a "pdf reader" only, then of course apple is going to get upset about it - users could just go to a mobile website instead. you need to offer offline caching abilities and document management at a minimum.
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    can you explain a bit more or help me on this?

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