Android [Paid] Galaxy Genome - Open world space sim

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    At the beginning of the game you are a pilot of a small ship. Financial struggle forces you to start transporting contraband. Certainly, it will lead to you being in trouble with the law someday. But at some point in your life you are forced to make a deal with the authorities of the system. And that is when your dangerous space adventure begins.

    In addition to the main storyline, there are many side missions the player can be engaged in.
    Choose your own path: do you want to become the richest merchant or the most famous pirate who holds in awe all inhabited systems of the universe? Or maybe you crave for space exploration and discovering new worlds? Now it's up to you to decide.

    * Open world with over 2 billion star systems
    * Dozens of modules for modifying spaceships
    * Exciting plot
    * Robbery of merchant ships and hunting for pirates
    * Fair trade and transportation of prohibited goods
    * Extraction of resources from asteroid belts
    * Collection of research data from stellar systems

    Google Play Store: link

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