P.A.C.O. Prisoner Action Climbing Obstacles!

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    The newest game from Trompo Games is coming out on January 8th, 2015.

    P.A.C.O. is an incredibly fast paced action jumping game. Test your reflexes to the limit with this challenging jailbreak themed game. Leap from ladder to ladder as fast as you can. Jump too soon, and you will fall, too late and you'll be captured by the guard. And keep in mind, you only have one arm, so use it wisely!

    We at Trompo Games are super excited about this upcoming release, and hope you all master it, and enjoy it.

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    P.A.C.O. gets harder!

    Hey all,

    In anticipation of our January 8th release of P.A.C.O., we have been playing it A LOT. We have found a couple of bugs (and fixed them), and we are still planning on our worldwide release to be on schedule.

    However, in all of this testing and playing our art director, Carlos Alcoser, scored 93 successful jumps! Based on that monstrously good score, we have decided to make the game a bit harder before release.

    We hope to have the most difficult game ever for iOS, and we hope nobody ever beats Carlos' score. P.A.C.O. the game will be the closest thing to Hot Sauce on the iOS app store. We will keep on pushing the difficulty until it is on the verge of inedible.

    Here is a video of all of us, including our fearless leader Carlos, trying to play the game on a very unresponsive touch screen display.

    I really hope you guys love the finished product as much as we do.



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