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    OWP - One Week Project will be a continuation of ODP - One Day Project

    ODP contains 3 little games: ★ Bubble Jamaica, ★ Bear USA and ★ Cosmos Force - Most popular of those 3 will be upgraded to OWP - for development of that game we'll spend all week (yup those three games in ODP pack were done in one day each :) )

    ODP is now avalible on iTunes for free here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/one-day-project/id387631112?mt=8

    so play counter is up and running and its now just up to you which game we'll upgrade to OWP!

    also see ODP thread on toucharcade forums here (poll is started to see whats favorite game in touchArcade forums) :

    This is completely new concept of interaction between gamers and developers so don't hesitate and be part of it!

    Download ODP NOW!
    iTunes link

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