Universal [OUT NOW] Escape: Close Call - Rewards near crashes with style points!

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  1. *** Winner of Best Upcoming Game - International Mobile Gaming Awards, MENA ***
    Pre-release article by TouchArcade

    Escape: Close Call, by Tarboosh Games, is an adrenaline-pumping driving game which rewards near crashes with style points, encouraging risk and thrill seeking. Escape enemy vehicles increasing in difficulty while completing missions, maneuvering through the landscape, and earning coins to upgrade your vehicle with weapons.

    You have to escape from the police, SWAT and army, while you evade and maneuver through the different landmarks in order to Escape through a gate that opens after 5 minutes or 3 when hacked.

    There are 12 power-ups all in all which players can use to increase their survival chances and last for 5 minutes in a single run to Escape the gate! These power-ups include mounting a turret, planting a decoy, spreading viruses, wearing a stealth shield, armoring up with rock mode, and many more.

    Escape: Close Call is a fun challenging game that delivers on its promise. Thousands of hours were put into Escape to make it as fun and as challenging as it is. In addition to the following features:

    ◉ Steep learning curve. Easy to learn, hard to master.
    ◉ Cinematic Close Calls when barely managing to evade enemy vehicles.
    ◉ Standoff mode where you challenge enemy cars as a matador.
    ◉ Game mechanics that reward thrill seeking and risk.
    ◉ Diverse power-ups that can be upgraded and personalized.
    ◉ Novel sense of progression through unlocking stages.
    ◉ 25 different vehicles that the player can drive, each with its own mechanics and advantageous properties.

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