Osiris Legends Devs, where are you!?

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    May 22, 2013
    hey guys, we gotta get ahold of this developer somehow, their webpage and contact info is out of date the email they provide doesn't exist and this game just sits there in the appstore, no updates at all and it seriously needs one. A while back I fell victim to the one major bug thst haunts this game, the fact that your save doesn't well... Save. Once you exit the game it erases itself. I really loved what I did get to play of it and so did many of the reviewers. It's a great, fun RPG and the only one I can find that plays almost exactly like a "tales of" game (eg: tales of destiny, tales of phantasia, tales of symphonia) so again, we need to find these guys and ask them to take a little bit of their time to fix this bug so we can enjoy it.
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    Try @SandyofCthulhu on Twitter or https://m.facebook.com/sandy.petersen.108

    Although I'm pessimistic of your chances because I think it'e obvious the developers know of the problem or should have known if they cared enough to... however; maybe you'd care to invest in their next Kickstarter project?

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