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    Gameloft seems to have either raised or removed the player limit for Order & Chaos guilds. ...So the TouchArcade guild now has room for more players!

    Create your characters on the Arcadian Forest server!!!

    Here's how you join a guild:

    1. Tap your character portrait in the top left corner of the screen.
    2. Select the "Social" tab about half way down.
    3. Add characters from the lists below to your friends list. Character names are case sensitive.
    4. Tap the row in your friends list for an online guild inviter.
    5. Tap "whisper" in the box that comes up.
    6. Send a message to the guild inviter asking for an invite.


    Guild Name: TouchArcade
    Status: INVITING
    Guild Inviters:
    • Backtothis
    • blake-
    • Belial
    • Kiggsford
    • Paradiso
    • Chloris
    • GodSon
    • Eli
    • Vovin
    • River
    • Kiggsworthy

    In the interest of keeping this thread clean, if you're a player who is just looking to get recruited by a guild, post in this thread instead.
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    Arcadians Touch

    As previously discussed in early April, while this game was in the upcoming games section,
    Arcadians Touch was the original guild formed for the core Touch Arcade community
    and is now recruiting for a few more members. We're an active, mature and friendly guild.

    As the premier Elite guild of Order and Chaos: Online, we're hoping to create a great
    atmosphere where you can feel at home amongst friends you already know from this website.
    Space is filling up fast and we hope to see you soon in game!

    Guild Name: Arcadians Touch
    Server: Arcadian Forest
    Status: Limited availability
    Guild Officers: Creepshow, Sushibox, Alveros, Soulcry

    We hope you're enjoying Order and Chaos: Online as much as we are
    and look forward to having you join our humble home in the Arcadian Forest!

    If interested, please PM me here on how to apply for our guild.
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    Just let everyone know it's River.
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    Apr 14, 2011
    I've messaged three different people now, none of them have sent me an invite. Char name is Iados. I'd appreciate an invite. Thanks.
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    Sadly, like the thread title says, the guild is full.
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    Is it still full (read the part that said that since cap is lifted recruitment was back)? Also sent a whisper to someone (GodSon) and no answer.

    By the way, tried adding Backtothis (and also tried backtothis) and it said that character didn't exist :confused:

    Edit: Nevermind, invited ^_^

    Edit 2: Just heard what happened.
  7. melvin2898

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    MIne is Melvin2898.
    Backtothis doesn't exist. Could you guys invite me?
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    Guild Profiles

    Not sure if any of you are familiar with this but, there is a database that exists of game data to help players navigate their way through the game. It is located at www.oacdb.com. The reason I am posting this here is because you can also create an account on the website and create a profile for your guild . Your in-game characters can be created as well (items can be equipped, talent builds can be saved). If you want to see an example of a guild, click here.

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