Orc Siege

A hot blood tactical game "Orc Siege". An Epic jihad, the rights game of human beings, Orcs and Demon tribe! G…
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A hot blood tactical game "Orc Siege". An Epic jihad, the rights game of human beings, Orcs and Demon tribe! Grand battle with splattering blood; This game deserves the reputation of Bloody! Human beings finally get peace and the enemy are screaming and bleeding.
In the Middle Ages, the Peace Agreement between Human beings and Orcs was gradually splintering. The death was hovering over the San Grace. Orcs occupied human location in large area, itching to fight! The San Grace troop with Alfred occasionally met the Orcs, who were looking for holy instruments, in Tar town. This fight finally splintered the Peace Agreement and a bloody battle is unavoidable!
Antique image style, pure hard core elements! Make your blood boil and paranephros rocket!
Ingenious operating mode, unique operation experience, easily set the world to right again and achieve your ambition!
Not disappeared blood, the blood on the battle field will tell you if the battle today is enough bloody!
Quick change battlefield situation test the player’s overall strategy and scheduling!
Lots of barracks, shooters, soldiers, Magas, priests! Flexibly send soldiers in the battlefield!
Lots of heroes, more than 13 heroes who have 1 star to 4 stars. You can use them in the battlefield after unlocking!
Lots of defense, each one has special purpose; And the power is ultimate if you match them together!
Lots of enemies; At every level you will meet different enemies. Kill BOSS, accumulate seal and crystal!
Lots of levels, every level has 3 mode: simple mode, common mode and hell mode. Open the Boss level with the story going on!
Lots of achievements, 6 kinds of achievement, more than 50 small achievements are waiting for you! You will get crystals after you finish the achievement!
Real-time net play will be added to later version Orc Siege, please pay attention to!
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Dec 13, 2013
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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