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In case you´re having problems with graphical errors, please look in openarena's app bu…
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In case you´re having problems with graphical errors, please look in openarena's app bundle under /Contents/MacOS, find the file called pak6-patch088.pk3 and remove it. That should fix any graphical problems.

**** New content added! This 1.2 update brings :

Many more maps!

One new gametype!

Three new weapons!

Please enable downloads to get latest content. ****

- IMPORTANT: Some servers require additional downloads.

To enable server downloading :

1. Select Setup
2. Select Game Options
3. Turn on Allow Downloading

OpenArena is a fast, brutal online First Person Shooter, featuring the old "kill or be killed" gameplay style from classic FPS games like Quake 3, QuakeLive and Unreal tournament.

Test your skills against the deadliest arena soldiers, across the diverse deadly fighting grounds in the Arena. Earn the title of Arena Legend.

Supported game modes: deathmatch, team-deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Additional team modes, Clan Arena.

These classic, proven game modes outshine popular FPS shooters with their real skill requirements instead of relying on gimmicks like killing streaks and game unbalancing perks. Try this fast, competitive online FPS, the only Arena competitive game with 100% Lion support. Unlike today's mutiplayer games, Openarena supports LAN play too!


- Play against others in servers up to 32 players in the different game modes.

- Over 20 arenas to test your skills in the different game modes.

- Diverse weapon arsenal, including machineguns, shotguns, and rocket and grenade launchers.

- Singleplayer mode. Test your skills offline against bots in the Arena mode, with 5 difficulty modes.

Notes on Version 1.0:

- Supports all common mac osx keyboard shortcuts.

- Older, obsolete dependencies and platforms removed.

- Specially reworked to support on both Snow Leopard 10.6+ with latest updates and Lion 10.7.

System Requirements:

MAC OSX 10.6 and later.
All Intel CPUS supported. 2 Ghz recommended.
Integrated chipsets supported.
350 MB hard drive space
Broadband recommended to play multiplayer LAN and internet TCP/IP.
Dedicated Mouse and Keyboard recommended.

Source code available upon request.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jul 18, 2011
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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