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    What would it be like if you were supposed to find the mines?

    That's what Finder's Sweepers takes about classic Minesweeper and turns it on its head. Become a treasure hunter and search the world for ancient artifacts in this inventive "Reverse Minesweeper" game for all ages! Follow the clues to dig up treasure. The numbers tell you how many treasures are nearby in a square. The colors tell you what kind.

    Finder's Sweepers is currently in open beta testing on TestFlight, live in Canada, and we'd love your input on the game! Please leave your feedback here, via our in-game feedback button, or better yet tell us on Discord!

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    Sep 12, 2019
    We just posted our 0.4.0 release to TestFlight. Here is a brief overview of the high level changes:
    • The full game is now available on Android! Now nearly anyone and everyone can try out Finder’s Sweepers!
    • Added French translations to the game thanks to the dedicated translation effort by FNL, as well as a new localization system.
    • Added a celebratory animation on the level select scene when the player unlocks the next pack. Fly to the next location in style!
    • Opportunity for a single “Revive” after losing a level due to finding too many traps. Never again must you restart a level because you hit a deadly pit viper on your second move!
    • Celebratory animation on the game scene when the player finds the last required objective. Because who doesn’t love being told “Good Job”?
    • Protagonist portraits in various emotions for the level complete praise, and the level failure cause dialogs. Helping to give more character to the, well, character!
    • Celebratory animation on the level select scene when the player reaches, and unlocks a “Star Gate”. Now we can finally watch those gates open, and feel the accomplishment of knowing that was us!
    • Added a “Snap Back to Player” button on the map for quickly navigating back to your character while looking at the nice artwork on the map.
    • Several new tutorial pieces, and reworked the existing tutorials to hopefully be more clear and more new player friendly! If you think anything is confusing, please let us know, because getting this right is so crucial to the success of this game!
    • New vignette, sound effects, and redesigned the moves card to make it much more clear when the player is low on moves. No more hitting the last move and then thinking “oh crap, I didn’t realize I was so low on moves!“.
    • The How to Play dialog now expands and contains more information about new mechanics as the player encounters them. Namely traps in the Jungle and frozen tiles in the Mountain.
    • Added notifications for when the daily free life is available, as well as when your lives are refilled.
    • Slightly better optimization and preloading of large assets. This should help make the game feel more responsive and cause less of a noticeable delay when changing scenes.
    • Tons of bugs fixed, general level balance, changes, and polish work.

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