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    Note: I am not a Sound Designer nor a Graphic Designer. Everything is Subject to Change. There are some visual things I need to clean up but really looking for people to give me some feedback on the overall concept of the game.

    Thanks in advance!

    Doomer's Crypto Idle Clicker Game
    If you love meme's and Crypto then this is the game for you!
    Help Doomer build a crypto portfolio by clicking, upgrading and completing challenges! Zoomer, Boomer, and Chad will help you as you build your crypto portfolio, but watch out for the hedgies as they will try and make your diamond hands turn into paper hands!
    Disclaimer: All crypto currency earned in game is not real and cannot be redeemed for any real crypto tokens.
    - Build your portfolio into trillions of dollars worth!
    - Unlock story content by completing various challenges!
    - Boss Battles!
    - Coin Upgrades: upgrade all of your favorite crypto coins to earn more crypto!
    - Crypto Promotional Content: unlock educational content that can help ones trading improve overall!
    * content is not financial advice*

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