One man band experienced Unity game developer for hire.

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    I'm a Unity 3D developer with over 20 years of experience in game programming, graphic design, animation, music production & sound design.
    I have taken very seriously every single aspect of multimedia production since the beginning of my career & have worked for game companies, TV networks & post production & animation houses.

    Currently I focus on iOS, Android & WEB game development with the Unity3D game engine (4 years experience) & can work in solo mode or assemble small teams if projects require it.

    Here some samples of my work:

    Game programming in Unity3D CTO & Lead programmer (this is the main page for my company). - Programed this one myself, also created the music & sound design for the teaser. - Game design, lead programmer & music. - App design & lead programmer. Programing & sound design (working remotely with other two graphic artists).

    Animation, compositing & motion graphics
    This is my animation, compositing & motion graphics reel, It may look a bit outdated but have in mind it was created more than 10 years ago when I was entirely focused on animation.
    It´s important for me to show it thought because It shows my skills when working with 3D and 2D animation software.

    Music production I've released 3 albums for this this solo project plus have worked as a producer & arranger for some indie bands, I also own a small project studio.

    If you have a project and want to discuss it, please don't hesitate in contacting me :D


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