Old games on the ipod from mac

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  1. What are some old games that were on the mac that are on the ipod?
    For example, Duke Nukem 3D (I heavily remember the first part of this) Bugdom, Cro Mag Rally (basically I know all the pangea games are there) etc
    (I wish Damage Incorporated was there...)
  2. Crazy_Possum

    Crazy_Possum Well-Known Member

    Spectre is on iTunes now, and it has a lite version if you need to try the controls.
  3. That's a good one but sadly it isn't a nostalgia trip for me.
    Any others?
  4. Cilo

    Cilo Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2010
    Los Angeles
    Doom, Monkey Island series, Broken Sword, Myst.
  5. Got 'em.
    I'm talking retro (even though MI applies to this as does Doom lol)
  6. Qordobo

    Qordobo Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2010
    All dates are Mac release date but there's perhaps few errors even if I tried double check but sometimes gave up.
    • Arkanoid (1987)
    • Crystal Quest (1987)
    • The Manhole (1988)
    • Tesserae (1990)
    • Monkey Island (1990)
    • Monkey Island 2 (1991)
    • Prince of Persia (1992)
    • The Oregon Trail (1992)
    • Wolfenstein 3D (1993)
    • Myst (1993)
    • Wolfenstein: Awesome Resurrection 4 (1994)
    • Doom (1994)
    • Ultimate Doom (1995)
    • Zone Warrior (1995)
    • Duke Nukem 3D (1997)
  7. I have most of those except the first few so sadly no nostalgia trips there.
    But thanks for the list anyway.
  8. Qordobo

    Qordobo Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2010
    I'm quite interested in the answer to your question. I strongly doubt this thread is close to have list most of them. To complete Mac release dates from games quoted in previous posts:
    • Broken Sword (1996, but the 2010 iPod/IPad versions are a new version with additional elements)
    • Cro-Mag Rally (1998/1999?)
    • Bugdom (1999)

    Also some dates I quoted previously are less safe than other:
    • Arkanoid (1987? Seems not a Mac release and 1988 is possibility for the Mac release but I'm still not that sure. It's possible that there's two mac releases, 1987 for a Black&White version and 1988 for a color version)
    • The manhole (The first version is a Mac Black&White version from 1988, but clearly the iphone version is coming from a very different color version that seems have been released in 1994 on Mac or in 1995, 1995 could be the Windows version).
    • Ultimate Doom (I'm not sure of 1995 and this is perhaps 1994 like Doom on Mac).

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