Android "Oh, that Munchausen!" - interactive audiobook game [OPEN BETA NOW] (by FingerTipsAndCompany)

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    Hey everyone!

    Ladies and genlemen! Our indie-studio FingerTIpsAndCompany finally have developed new interactive audiobook game of all adventures of Baron Munchausen!
    And now we ready to present it to you!


    "Do you remember the tale about the cherry bone? Yes? About the swamp and my pigtail? Also yes? And about the hatchet on the Moon? Do you really remember everything?.. Oh, good for you! But you know what?.. Even if you remember everything, I am going to tell you the whole story again anyway!"

    Listen and help your grandfather Baron Munchausen to remember all his stories well! As to say, listen and play! The world classic comedy in one app on your mobile devise! Puzzles, quests and funny stories will surprise you and bring a smile!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • The world classic comedy for kids and adults!
    • Over 250 beautiful illustrations!
    • 70 chapters of audiobook!
    • Interactive elements, surprises and bonus twists!
    • Collection of funny goofs!

    An amiable humor, secrets, quests and acting skills of the professional narrator will put you in a good mood and make you smile!
    Download the audiobook for free and listen to the tales of Baron Munchausen anywhere and anytime!

    Listen and smile, ladies and gentlemen!

    PS. All stories (more then 7 hours!) were narrated by a professional New Zealand actor Peter Hayden (

    PS. PS. And more than 250 funny illustrations were drawn by honored Ukranian artist Andrey Kulagin (

    NOW live on Google Play:

    AND on App Store:

    Our website for more info:

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  2. Hey, eveyone.
    Are you not excited about the game?
    We are releasing in June 14, 2020!
    More then 250 illustrations! Amazing New Zealand actor!
  3. Hey everyone!
    We have updated our app significantly and now have finally released!:)
    Check out the first of its kind interactive audiobook-game of Baron Munchausen!


    Cover Munchausen Interactive Audiobook Square.jpg

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