iPad Ogre Party: party with the ogres of the Far East! (for free)

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    In a market dominated by circles and blocks spurred on by a blasting techno soundtrack, Ogre Party is a free to play/download iOS game set in a fantasy themed Far Eastern world with a soothing sound ‘track'. The SFX are based on Taiko drums. The player is challenged to not only be quick with their fingers, but to also, to some degree, be patient as well. The game was assembled to offer a zen experience with its art style and audio - despite the fact that little cute creatures are burning to a crisp.

    We just released it - here is the download link on iTunes:

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Brandon Charity
    ijgn inc.

    I wrote the game in Swift using the SpriteKit framework. I’d definitely recommend the framework to any beginner game developer who just wants to make a simple straightforward game :).

    ijgn is a fresh IT start-up company based in Oita, a prefecture on the southern island of Japan (Kyushu). Our main goal is to create cool applications that help our local community. In a world becoming more and more dominated by online shopping, we created a service called Airpo - where we utilize the newest in iBeacon BLE Technology to bring customers and brick and mortar shops closer together. We snagged ourselves a prefecture award for our endeavours (the Oita Business Grand Prix award) and have been featured in local news and newspapers.

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