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    Office Boss Tycoon

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    Office Boss Tycoon is an office simulator io game in which you are the boss. Have you ever wanted to taake control, be the boss, and run your business with an iron fist? Well, now with Office Boss Tycoon -you can! Office Boss Tycoon is a resource management and work simulation game. You'll be tasked with hiring new employes, keeping the moral up, and making sure that productivity remains high while your stocks go up, up up! Heavy is the head that wears the crown and that is why you'll ned to invest in bigger offices, middle managers, and a variety of extra curricular things around the office to keep your emplolyees happy, content and most importantly: profitable. Extract the excess value of their labor and build yourself a mighty castle in the sky! You're the boss now! Just remembeer that your choices will have an impact on the over all well being of the companies employees. If they aren't happy they will begin to crack under the pressure, behave oddly and most importantly: be less effective at generating income for your corporation. So, yes, You must hire employees and accept or deny their requests. Always remember to be careful! Your decisions will make employees sad or happy. If motivation is low, employees will do unprofitable things! Become a boss and manage your employees efficiently to create a good flow of money and expand your boss business.


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