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Discussion in 'Developer Services and Trade' started by effzehn, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Apr 8, 2009
    Dear Developers,

    Since I had some good experience with localization services in the past I decided to offer this service here for small or medium sized projects (concerning the amount of text). I am not a professional translator, however I have contributed for the German localization of and, probably more present for some of you, uno. So I know how to deal with nibs ;).
    If you are interested in a collaboration and want your application to be in German as well (I noticed that this was a major complaint in a lot of AppStore reviews in Germany), just write me a PM with a short description of your app and how much text and what kind of texts you are using.
    I am not planning to get rich with this – if I like your idea for an application and you offer it for free in the AppStore I might also do the localization for free as well (as I did for the uno project). This depends on my working schedule and the effort a localization might take.

    I am looking forward hearing from you!



    P.S.: I am a native German speaker. Officially, my English level is B2 according to the European level system. Since I took the test (1.5 years ago) I am speaking and reading English on a daily basis, under professional and private circumstances. I know English computer games and applications since I was a kid and I still use both. So I know "that" language.

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