Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon

Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.
A long time has passed since the White City was washed from the face of Gaia – and the once magnificent Kingdom of Arcad…
A long time has passed since the White City was washed from the face of Gaia – and the once magnificent Kingdom of Arcadia was shattered into hundreds of islands of the Uncharted Sea. Four adventurers have set on a journey to restore the world to its former glory. Following rumors and prophecies, they have found a way into a mythical underground complex, Chronos Dungeon. Deep down, hidden somewhere, lies the Paradigm Hourglass, an object powerful enough to alter history. Will you find the route to the bottom floor, and what challenges await you inside Chronos Dungeon? A DUNGEON CRAWLER FOR ALL AGES Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is a dungeon crawler featuring four players couch co-op, inspired by 16-bit arcade classics. Fight side by side with your friends, or control all four heroes by yourself – will you make it to the bottom of Chronos Dungeon? If this is your first game in the genre, don’t worry – Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is easy to pick up even for newcomers and will keep you and your companions entertained for hours! A NEW DUNGEON EVERY TIME Randomized modifiers make each level unique, and each run unexpected. Heroes start every game with different stats, depending on the zodiac sign they’re bound to, and each of the four adventurers, Knight, Huntress, Grandmaster, and Mage, feels and plays differently. If less than four local players are available, the idle adventurers can be selected on the fly by any player. A NEW CHAPTER IN THE OCEANHORN UNIVERSE Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is a new chapter in the Oceanhorn universe, set 200 years after Oceanhorn 2. Find out if our heroes can defeat Chronos, and change the course of history! FEATURES • Couch co-op multiplayer for up to four players • 16-bit feeling, music, and sounds, updated to 2020 • Four classes to choose from or switch to on the fly, each with a different playstyle • Infinite replayability: the dungeon reconfigures itself with new modifiers at each floor • Massive boss battles • Plenty of items to try out for maximum dungeon mayhem Support: please mail [email protected]
Seller:Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.
Release:Jan 08, 2021
Updated:Sep 22, 2021
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