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  1. ImNoSuperMan

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    Jun 28, 2009
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    Aug 11

    [​IMG] Full Deck Hold'Em (GRL Games) (iPad)
    [​IMG] Defender of the Crown (Manomio) (Universal)
    [​IMG] Anomaly Warzone Earth (Chillingo) (iPhone) / (iPad)
    [​IMG] Candy Boy (Colorbox) (iPhone) / (iPad)
    [​IMG] Julius Styles - The International (Universal)
    [​IMG] Zen Wars (Liv Games)
    [​IMG] Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia (Minoraxis) (Universal)
    [​IMG] NyxQuest (Chillingo) (iPhone) / (iPad)
    [​IMG] Spacelings (HotGen) (Universal)
    [​IMG] Let's Golf! 3 (Gameloft) (Universal)
    [​IMG] Flick Soccer! (Full Fat) (Universal)
    [​IMG] Fossil Feast (Namco)
    [​IMG] Riot Rings™
    [​IMG] Pickpawcket (Universal)
    [​IMG] Rugby Kicks (Distinctive Developments)
    [​IMG] Pigs In Trees (PAN Vision) (iPhone) / (iPad)
    [​IMG] Cado (iPhone) / (iPad)
    [​IMG] Sticky HD (Clickgamer) (iPad)

    And more..
  2. Vovin

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    Nov 28, 2009
    I am not really impressed by todays releases...

    Illusia, as I said, looks outdated and three times seen before. Infinity Blade seems to be incredible short game, I never finished Dingeon Hunter - so why buying the second part? Dead Rising... well, another Zombie game and I even haven't finished Zombie Infection (or how it was called).
    Only must-buy was PQ2, but I have that.

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