Olly's San Francisco Rush

Rush through the streets of San Francisco!
Collect treasures and coins! Dodge, roll, jump, scramble and dash throug…
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Rush through the streets of San Francisco!
Collect treasures and coins! Dodge, roll, jump, scramble and dash through fast paced missions!

Run through China Town, the Golden Gate Bridge and many other attractions. Sprint through the busy traffic and construction hurdles. Outrun others with your stellar performance!

- Based on the Iconic city of San Francisco
- HD 3D breathtaking graphics
- Full of surprises
- Beat the SanFran rush to be number 1
- Dodge Buses, Trams, Cars and obstacles
- Use multi power ups to reach new heights!

1. Get wings to Double Jump
2. Turn yourself into a Gold Magnet
3. Swift boots to super sprint

Winner of the 2014 Family & Parent Choice Award, Kappi Gold Award, NAPPA Gold Award & TeachersWithApps Award

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Release:May 12, 2015
Updated:May 18, 2015
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