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    Sep 23, 2020
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    Nurse Run - Download Now


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    Release Date Sept 24 2020 ! Worldwide IOS

    Promotional Text :

    Built IN NYC FOR NYC BY an Immigrant, a large portion of all proceeds will directly go to the city of NYC to help rebuild. If you ever loved NYC, you know what to do...

    You are a Female Nurse who wakes up in a secret lab to find a Magic Syringe filled with Immunity Enhancing medicine.
    You Mission, should you choose to accept it, it to steal it and distribute it all through out this endless town. Aim for the Rotating + sign posted by every resident who needs the medicine.
    TAP TAP TAP , FEEL THE THRILL with our Haptic Feedback!
    Run, dash and clash with Sharks and Ride Drones in Nurse Run! Sprint through a unique, fun, fast and challenging endless runner with endless colorful slopes, twists, turns and tunnels.
    Flap,Jump, kick, fly and switch lanes as you run through fun arcade-style levels, catching as many pills and medical boxes as you can! The more you grab, the more points you earn! Test your reflexes in this addicting platformer that leaves you running back for more.
    Clash and defend Earth from a Clan of Evil Scientists and Machines as you run, jump and kick them off every platform, even in the sky! Sound easy? Dodge hundreds of obstacles and see how far you can run!
    Start running in Nurse Run!
    Nurse Run Features:
    - DASH as fast as you can in challenging levels
    - Collect pills to fuel up for your endless run
    - Jump, kick and fly! Use all of your options to defeat flying drones, menacing scientists, scuba-divers and even fire Immunity filled SYRINGE missiles to fire zombies off the ground
    - Raid drones to take over their flight path
    - Hunt down spy scientists scuba diving near the secret lab
    - Fly! Use a Nitro boost to help you collect floating pills
    - Use special powers to help you tackle the machines and advance in your quest
    - Don’t stop running with our pixel perfect animations and game physics
    - Simple touch controls
    Are you ready to take part in the race against the evil scientists? See how far you can run in Nurse Run today!
    Join the most satisfying and DIVERSE chase on the App Store !
    Made on the best Apple Mac Pro Hardware for the best and latest apple iOS devices. Universal App with 3D HD Graphics optimized for retina resolution.

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