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    We released a few weeks ago our first game. It's simple, on the premises, but so far people are enjoying it. We got around 90000 downloads (thanks to the help of AppGratis) on a Free day and as today there are 46000+ users on the leaderboards of Gamecenter.

    Update about this:
    We have around 200,000 downloads so far. We have 100+ reviews around the world and a score media of 4 + 1/2 stars. We are very grateful to have such happy users.

    Link to NumberOne at the AppStore:

    Here's the trailer video:

    The reviews so far we got:
    Mactrast 4/5

    Tapscape 8/10

    Appstorearcade 8/10

    Our AppStore ratings:
    United States 4.5 (5 ratings)
    Spain 4.0 (25 ratings)
    Germany 3.5 (11 ratings)





    Also we have send to the AppStore (will be online in a few days) one update that adds:

    - Achievements for the best players
    - New hidden mode 'Enigma', for thoes that think that finding 'numbers' it's a easy task.
    - Better gamecenter integration

    This is our first game, after a year gathering people and resources. We have more games on the works, and our next game will be released at the end of September if everything works out.


    The game now it's Free with the update 1.5, and it's also available on Android. The new stuff is:

    - 3 new modes (1 new Enigma Easy and 2 Chaos) to unlock. 6 modes in total.
    - Now it has advertising, but not inside the game, it only shows at the gameover and leaderboard screens.
    - There's 'Premium' unlocks to unlock the modes for the user.
    - Any Premium unlock removes the advertising.
    - Much better Gamecenter since the 1.0, also more Achievements and revamped U.I. on the main screen and a totally new Scoring system on the Gameover.

    Thanks for your time!
    Sebastián Sucho
    neotko studios S.L.

    Edit: I totally forgot to put the Link... I'm such a noob. Thank you everyone for your time

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