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    Hi fellows & gamers!

    The new game will soon appear on Apple App Store. Beautiful, cute, addict - that's how Noybe will be. You're gonna love him!

    More info on:

    Official -
    Facebook -
    Twitter - @noybe_official
    Instagram - @noybe_official

    See ya soon on your device:)

    Team Noybe
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    Hi any details on your upcoming game? Maybe you could share app demo video to us for reviewing your game in action or simply list of main features and some screenshots?
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    Any release date?
    would appreciate a trailer video
  4. Let us introduce a new Slovak project in the field of mobile applications. This is a game for iOS devices - in the first phase specifically for Apple iPhone 4 version to the latest models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

    This is a game called NOYBE. The game follows the so-called known “quick game" type famous Flappy Bird, Splashy Fish, Amazing Thief, Stick Hero and others in this category. NOYBE is exceptional and differed primarily in that its operation does not lie in “tapping" on the screen, thus keeping in the game, but uses the first of the "quick game” iPhone’s accelerometer - that is controlled by moving the phone itself. The main hero of the game is already referred to by their titles - cute, yellow, hairy character named NOYBE.

    The game is currently in the final stage of the programming and the expected date of setting of the application to the Apple App Store in the second half of December this year. Before the placing to the store, campaign was launched through the communication channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

    Team NOYBE

    Some screens:
  5. Hello friends! We've got some great news for ya. Noybe will be available for iPad too and what is important - it's gonna be absolutely FREE:) See ya soon on your device. We're 98% done right now. You're gonna love it! Stay tuned!
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    Character and graphics look great... and Appleish. Can't wait to see the finished product! Very curious about how fluid the controls work.
  7. Hi folks,
    in few days you will be able to download NOYBE in App Store for free!
    Stay tuned
  8. Good news - now you can download NOYBE in Apple Appstore for free for iPhones and iPads! Enjoy:))

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