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    Hello everyone! This is my first application called Notix. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know! :)

    Notix - Rich Text Editing on the fly
    Introducing Notix - Notes Manager with Rich Text Editor.

    Notix is a Notes Manager Application with some special features , using this application you can edit your text however you want, there is no limit.

    Type stylish Notes and it will automatically be synched using iCloud , once you save your note in your device, you'll get access to them from your other devices. Edit your note in one device , and all the edited information will be automatically synched to other devices.

    It includes over one-hundred-thirty colors and fonts to choose from for applying them to your text.

    You can attach images from your Photo Library or capture a photo directly within Notix and attach it. There is no limit on attaching images.

    Share your notes with AirDrop or Email , post on Facebook , Twitter etc.

    Managing your notes is very easy and intuitive in Notx, swipe left to delete , or hold on the left side of your note then slide up/down to arrange your notes the way you want, and of course arrangement will be synched to all of your devices as well.

    Search within your note, if you want to find and highlight specific words in your note, then this function is made for you.

    Notix is highly secure - go to settings and set a passcode so that no one will use your notes without your permission.

    - Attaching Images
    - Styling Texts
    - Protecting with a password
    - Unlimited Notes
    - Search Lists
    - iCloud Synching
    - AirDrop Support
    - and more!

    Write reviews to make Notix even better!

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