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    Northern Lights for iPhone is now available on iTunes. This is basically the same game as Northern Lights HD for iPad, but is now available for iPhone. Except ... this one is FREE!!!

    Okay, I guess there should be some blurp about the game as well - it is actually a quite nice puzzler - I am quite happy about the touch interface - it feels quite natural to send off those magic shots with your index finger :)

    From iTunes:
    Northern Lights is an incredible and addictive puzzle game set in an arctic environment – inspired by the phenomena Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) which is natural light displays in the sky!
    In Northern Lights, you use your finger to shot magic balls and clear each stage for special stars - and you get to reveal wonderful star constellations that have been hidden for mankind for centuries!
    Watch out of for black holes and their gravity effects - or let them eat your magic matter and grow until they burst and destroy nearby star systems!
    It is like Peggle - but in reverse ... and it is also so much more!
    Northern Lights is one of those special puzzle games that just waited for the right platform to come along - the bright, beautiful screen is perfect for the visual feast that unfolds before your eyes, and the touch interface let you shoot magic balls directly with your finger, matching the exact velocity and direction of your finger. Northern Lights could simply not have been realized on any other platform!

    And we got some pics as well:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Northern Lights for iPhone is supported by iAd's - so as a developer I am very curious how iAd's pan out as a business model. I am sure a lot of other developers are curious about iAd's as well, so I will keep posting updated stats here for you to follow...


    Revenue: $2.90
    eCPM: $2.78
    Requests: 4,298
    Impressions: 1,041
    Fill Rate: 24,22%
    CTR: 0,38%

    At this point, only US customers are being served iAd's - hence the flll rate is just 24% But even in the US, only about 50% of the requests are being served. Not very good :(
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    Great, I was wondering when this was coming out.
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    NOBODY likes games with ads! We will go out of our way to avoid them! Sorry!

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